Wherever I may find her. (dried_silk) wrote,
Wherever I may find her.

god! she is so lucky she gets to get out of this place...

next summer i am going to greece for a month to stay with my cousin. im excited..

at this point of my life i can say things are going to be random. people who i hang out with will be random. i love to meet new people and i am excited for what happens next. al i know is that i want to be a good student this year. that means i need my mom to take me to get adderall.becasue i wont be able to make it this year with out it. 

not from what i have been doing this summer, and will keep doing this year and so fourth.
i guess i am happy all this stuff has happend to me, like lindsey said, she learns form her mistakes. AHH I MISS HER ALSO!

i miss allison and tara. will you guys please call me 9310408

i hope i work at Corkys.

by the way its 4 a.m.

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