Wherever I may find her. (dried_silk) wrote,
Wherever I may find her.

im sick of work. im sick of ghetto people that are trash.


i jsut want a new job.


everything is bothering me lately. jsut people. im stressing out. things are bothering me. i jsut cry when something bad happens to me.

like my father, why did he have to leave us in the first place. its just starting to bother  me now because now im old enough to understand what had happend and why he left. he didnt even want to watch me grow up. i miss louis, he was there when i got home from work and i had someone to talk to.

i dont even know about friends now. this year is going to be lame i know it. partys dont even seem the same anymore. it is always the same thing. if your not close with the people you are around then you wont have fun. but i have tried to meet new people i realy have i enjoyed it. but they seem to all hate me. its becasue of my hair i feel like people arnt accepting me now. like how is a guys going to like me back if they are thinking that im drity or dont shower. all i have to say to them is fuck you.

i dont even want to be in this country any more. i dont want to go to the same school anymore or i wouldnt  even care if i didnt even see the people that i know anymore. becasue im sick of it im sick of lowering myself down just so that you will like me. im sick of apoligizing to everyone when nothing is my fault. 

so i have came to a conclusion that i am going to worry about my self from now on. stay focused on me. and when next summer comes i will be gone for it. i wont be in this country i wont be around all these people that jsut bother me.


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